Knife Gate Valves

BOVACO Manufacturing has been manufacturing KNIFE GATE VALVES since 2006. Bovaco specializes in manufacture of Knife Gate Valves, we also repair and overhaul all kinds of valves. Bovaco manufactures their own double acting pneumatic actuators.

More about knife gate valves

A Knife Gate Valve is a valve that controls the flow by lowering a metal wall (the knife) down across the flow path. A Knife Gate Valve operates like a guillotine with a sharp edge that slices through the media. This makes it ideal for media with soft suspended solids. They are very common in mining and metals industries as they are able to simply cut through any material that is preventing them from closing. Knife Gate Valves are suitable for large flow applications, particularly those with suspended solids that could be caught between the disc and the seat or wrapped around the disc in Butterfly Valves.

Knife gate valves are primarily for on/off service. They use a blade to cut through and block liquids from flowing through however using knife gate valves to regulate flow is not recommended because when fluid pushes against a partially closed gate vibration occurs which eventually leads to wearing and eroding of the seat and disk. For that reason, these knife gate valves should be either completely opened, or completely closed.

Knife gate valves are also designed to open and close slowly to protect from the effects of water hammer.

Applications for Knife Gate Valves Include:

Heavy oils
Non-flammable viscous fluids
Clean water

Types of Knife Gate Valves Include:

Handwheel operated type SMD 50mm to 600mm knife gate valve.
Type SLA NB 600mm to 1000mm knife gate valve.

Why Choose BOVACO?

All BOVACO Knife Gate Valves are designed and engineered to the absolute highest standards, to provide the best performance possible. We have been manufacturing knife gate valves since 2006 and have been perfecting our trade ever since.

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