Specialised Valve Repair Services

BOVACO Manufacturing has been manufacturing KNIFE GATE VALVES since 2006.

Malfunctioning valves can lead to a variety of problems including increased maintenance repair costs, and even worse, overall inefficient plant operations. Replacing valves is expensive, which is why it is important to entrust your valves to a company with expertise, comprehensive facilities, and a proven track record in engineering services. Also quality service and repairs to these valves within minimal time helps our clients to prevent production losses, saving them substantial amounts in revenue with expert valve repair services.

Bovaco specializes in manufacture of Knife Gate Valves, we also valve repair services and overhaul all kinds of valves. Bovaco manufactures their own double acting pneumatic actuators.

We offer Valve Repair Services for the following:

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About Our Valve Repair Services

Maintaining valves in optimum working condition delivers direct benefits to your organization. They are a key component in the operations of most industrial processes. Valves often provide safety protection in an emergency and thus are expected to perform instantly and without a hitch every time they are needed.

Our Team provides full valve repair services and maintenance programs for virtually all valve types, brands, sizes, materials, pressures and operating conditions, including actuators and operators.

Advantages Valve Repair Services

Eliminates or significantly reduces modifications to expensive pipe work.

Provides total valve inspection, machining, welding, repair, repacking, testing and documentation.

Performs all repairs according to applicable certifications and industry standards.