Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are designed particularly for on-off and isolation offerings in structures with excessive content material of suspended solids. Knife gate valves are particularly useful for coping with slurry similarly to viscous, corrosive and abrasive media. The valves have a minimised stress drop in absolutely open position, they're clean to actuate, they have got a pretty low weight and are cost-effective.

Knife sliders are designed for use in some of the harshest environments and typically have a sharp blade for cutting through heavy liquids.

They are particularly useful in wastewater applications where corrosion is a major issue. Therefore, in addition to the valve design optimized for muddy media, it is advantageous to have an acid-resistant stainless steel blade, as this makes it less susceptible to corrosion damage and consequently requires less maintenance or even replacement.

Function of a knife gate valve

The knife gate valve works in that coarse media can flow over the soft seals without any problems. They work by cutting off the medium as it passes through the valve. Knife gate valves are now used in numerous processing plants around the world and are available in large sizes.

Knife gate valves should only be used for applications requiring a fully open or fully closed position and should not be used to regulate flow unless they are designed to do so. Each time fluid is forced against a partially closed gate, vibration is created, gradually eroding the disc and seat. In addition, knife gate valves are designed to open and close slowly to protect against water hammer.

What is the difference between knife gate valve and knife gate valve?

Both knife gate and knife gate valves are primarily designed for opening and closing operations where the valve is fully open or completely closed. It is not recommended to use either to regulate flow because if fluid presses against a partially closed gate, vibration will occur and cavitation will eventually damage the seat and body.

Both types can be used in the following applications:

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